Bridal Sandwich Treatment

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Bridal Sandwich Treatment


You’re engaged, congratulations! As a bride-to-be and groom-to-be, you already know the joy and stresses of planning a wedding. While everything else falls into place, it’s time for you to take care of yourself in preparation for the big day. For the biggest day of your life you need someone you can trust implicitly with your skin! We are the winners of the prestigious Vogue Beauty award and have been chosen as the ‘Skin Expert’ on the Master Panel of The Vogue Wedding Show for 3 consecutive years. Dr.Harshna Bijlani has given tips to hundreds of brides-to-be at her Bridal MasterClass and is the perfect person to answer all your Bridal Beauty related questions.

PAINLESS. Laser Hair Removal. This is the foremost treatment that most brides and grooms opt for, you do not want to go through the pain and effort of waxing after your wedding. Now there are new machines that are virtually painless and extremely effective as they combine multiple lasers in one device so that you have the ultimate result so why should you go through waxing. Lasers can be used to reduce unwanted hair from any part of the body including legs, underarms, upper lip, bikini line, chest, chin, and back. Length and frequency of hair removal visits depends on your unique needs.

Skin Tightening to smooth and tighten skin. This procedure not only reduces loose skin, but it also works on wrinkles and scars. Procedures are recommended every 28 days, for a total of three to five visits.

Skin Brightening – Advanced Laser is used for various skin treatments especially for the face and neck – skin brightening and reduction of fine lines are the most popular so far, this is because as Indians we do not wrinkle, we pigment. Most brides and grooms face problems like hyper pigmentation, tanning and dark circles, while on a daily basis you may not pay too much attention to it, before your big day you do not want any such problems to spoil your glow or look on your big day. Your outfit does not need to be the shinning star at the ceremony, you do!

Some of the most common skin issues we see for Grooms are:

 Acne scars
 Dull Skin
 Pigmentation – Indian skin is less prone to wrinkles but more prone to pigmentation.
 Excessive Hair on the back, ears, unibrow, etc.
 Hair Loss
 Dark Circles

Most men don’t consult a Skin Expert for their skin care regime but right before your wedding it is essential that you take an opinion. If you’re a little hesitant then accompany your fiancé for her appointment and take a few tips for your skin. You may not necessarily like indulging in facials but your can always go for a clean up or a peel to make sure your skin looks fresh. You should start your skin regime 1-3months before the wedding day however if you have any skin issues then 6months before would be a safer bet.

Fillers – to smoothen and reduce lines on your forehead and between your brows and for subtle changes like slightly plump lips and that tiny lift that you think you need and so on.. Feel free to do a test run of Botox three months prior to your big day. (Another injection would be required four to six weeks prior to the wedding.)

Body contouring to gradually smoothen skin’s surface with a noticeable reduction in cellulite (Four to six treatments, once a week.)

Body Polishing – A body clean-up and polish followed by relaxing body glow oil-just for relaxation and brightness. We know your face looks great now but let’s not forget the rest of the body.


Before your wedding is the time you start taking your appearance extremely seriously and rightly so. You are going to be looking back at your wedding for the rest of your life, this is why it is so crucial to look your best.

Most skin problems are caused by factors such as incorrect products, stress, exposure to the sun, bad diet, genetics, hormonal issues, etc. It is better to nip these issues in the bud rather than go for damage control later too close to the wedding . So here are some skin care tips to include in your skin routine to the months leading to your big day:

For Acne: Opt for a good clean diet (avoid diary and sugar), regular clean-ups, a good skin care regime with salicylic acid based cleanser can go a long way to help keep your skin acne free. If acne does develop, use a cream containing Benzoyl peroxide

For Pigmentation: Sun is a strict no-no, if at all possible try and avoid the sun especially during peak hours. Exfoliate at least twice a week, use sunscreen with SPF 30 and above every 3 hours. Eat a diet rich with antioxidants. Treatments such as peels, polishing, medical facials, lasers and creams that should be used under supervision of a doctor.

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