Skin Whitening Treatment

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Skin Whitening

Skin Whitening Treatment

Extracts for Body Rejuvenation and Skin Lightening Treatment The Célebre Series is ‘au-naturel’, and is perhaps the most potent, ingredient and a botanical derivative of the unparalleled.Zero-Heat Enzymatic Extraction Technology.developed by Célebre. Bioactive extracts, procured from the purest non-genetically modified species of yeast found in the farthest reaches of France, offer an age-defying stream of essential nutrients to old, degenerating cells and act as true bio-stimulators for the skin’s natural development.


Premier Clinic imports Celebre DNA Extracts, which is a specially formulated and researched Swiss product by Swiss Biotech A.G., Switzerland. The extracts are safe if the prescribed dosage is followed accordingly, as they are formulated in accordance with strict preparations. In addition, there are no side or ill effects when consuming this product in general.


Fair skin is a very desirable trait for many individuals and is much sought after, especially among Asians. Individuals may undergo this process for professional or personal reasons, but the desired outcome is the same – a fresh layer of skin in a lighter tone. As this treatment helps the regeneration of replacement cells, the skin cells that take the place of the old ones are naturally fairer and healthier than the ones before. Skin will no longer be dry as it now retains moisture to remain well hydrated, ensuring your skin is vibrant and glowing. As a result, there will be a natural whitening effect which will be reflected in a fairer skin tone with Face Whitening Treatment.

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